Innovative, full of passion approach to the interior equipment resulted in several ideas of interesting wall claddings, manufactured from Corian, Staron, architectural concrete and incredible ceramic tiles covered with brass or titanium.

We prove that modern wall claddings and bathroom tiles don’t have to be common, boring and uninteresting.

Unusual people and creative architects don’t have an alternative so far. For modernist, maintained in a severe style bathrooms, easily can find an application slabs from architectural concrete (e.g. Luxum concrete panels) or good, resistant to moisture paints (we recommend Benjamin Moore products). But what would be, if we desire a bathroom in a classical, rich, refined style?

Here, trying to meet expectations of many investors and interior decorators, Luxum has prepared an offer on cladding and bathroom tiles made with noble materials.

Bathroom tiles made with brass or titanium give a bathroom extremely exclusive character and uniqueness.

For supporters of stone, we have prepared something, which absolutely change previous aspect of the bathroom and peremptorily receive the primacy of ceramics in each luxurious bathroom. Thanks to advanced technology, advanced composites of Corian, Staron type – reflect best natural stones, eliminating their disadvantages.

Advantages of bathrooms tiles made with Corian and Staron:

– Perfect aesthetics
– Appearance of the natural stone
– Ease of assembly
– Possible assembly of tiles without glue for ceramics
– Possible assembly of tiles for light GK walls
– Almost any size of tiles
– Possibility of combining without fugues
– Possibility of connecting with monolith, without visible fugue
– Possibility of cutting tiles in construction place, using tools for gres tiles
– A giant selection of colors and texture
– Possibility of building shower trays, bathtubs, sinks
– Relatively for a stone low weight
– Don’t crack, destroy, don’t lose their properties
– Bathroom tiles from Corian or Staron are warm to the touch
– By their appearance, functional valor and possibilities of mounting beat even the best tiles made with traditional materials.

Come and to the Creative Interior Gallery and see this on your own eyes, how wonderfully present themselves modern bathroom tiles made with brass, titanium, Corian and Staron.

For supporters of cosmic Hi-Tech materials, our factories can prepare bathroom tiles made with Carbon (coal fiber).


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