Vanguard custom-made sinks!
Modern custom-made Luxum sinks – a quintessence of exclusive and modern bathroom

Order directly to your modern bathroom, prestigious sinks and bathroom countertops with sinks in any size.

You will get a sink created for you, strictly according to the obtained project, sketch, idea or inspired by the best, most interesting projects of the XX and XXI century.

We create sinks with a real passion. We devote a special attention to details and guard even the smallest detail. That is why Italian, French and German designer brands trust us outsourcing production of their products in our manufacture.

With reason, Luxum is the largest, oldest and the only one Polish manufacture approved by European buyers, manufacturing modern sinks and sinks countertops at individual request.

Furnishing a bathroom with Luxum, you have a guaranteed delivery of sinks and bathroom countertops, compatible with your requirements, regardless of their size, shape or color.

Undoubtedly you will appreciate in Luxum modern sinks a great aesthetics, fidelity of the project, the heat of materials, lightness of monolithic construction without visible seams, comfort of usage, outstanding durability and prestige.

Why do the modern custom-made sinks are the best choice:

  • Fit to the creation of a modern bathroom, according to the project
  • Perfect aesthetics – without discoloration, cracks or scratches
  • Warmth of the material and pleasant sensation to the touch
  • Guaranteed durability, confirmed by research, proven by thousands of users
  • The possibility of traditional and linear outflows
  • From microscopic decorative sinks to multi-position sinks up to 11 meters in length in one outflow
  • Connecting with countertop without seams – one monolithic block
  • Freedom of form, size or color
  • Used in luxury, private bathrooms, as well as in toilets of prestigious public buildings
  • Certificates and attestations
  • Favorable price – you order directly from the manufacturer!

  Luxum sinks:

  • Single sinks
  • Double sinks
  • Multi-position sinks
  • Freestanding sinks
  • Hanging sinks
  • Corner sinks
  • Countertop sinks
  • Under-countertop sinks
  • Table-top sinks
  • Parietal sinks
  • Sinks with countertop
  • Sinks with shelves
  • Hotel sinks
  • Sinks with drawers
  • Triangular sinks
  • Square sinks
  • Circular sinks
  • Rectangular sinks
  • Gutter sinks
  • Modern sinks
  • Colorful sinks
  • Unusual and asymmetrical sinks
  • Sinks with drain line (slot outflow)
  • Composite sinks – Staron, Corian, Kerrock, Hi-Macs, GFK Luxum, Ceramstone
  • Custom-made hotel sinks

Do you know, that the most avant-garde arrangements of luxury bathrooms are projects based on sanitary equipment prepared to individual order? Unusual, exclusive sinks stand above mediocrity and their strong forms and modern solutions of linear outflows are selected by demanding clients and architects from all over Europe. Modern, outstanding bathrooms have to be unique.

Get to know with the most frequently chosen composite materials for sinks and bathroom countertops:

  1. GFK Luxum – a high quality composite for the manufacture of exclusive sinks, produced in Luxum, with the addition of Microban antibacterial silver nanoparticles. Sinks made with GFK Luxum have excellent aesthetics, durability, lightness of construction (self-supporting sinks), the possibility of producing sinks in any RAL color, warmth of the material. GFK Luxum ensures a receipt of the most sophisticated forms of sinks, without visible seams. GFK Luxum gives us possibility to produce sinks with sharp lines, thin walls, weight significantly less than the ceramics. Owing to GFK Luxum composite we get much better and more modern sinks than sinks of traditional ceramics. It is thanks to this modern composite GFK Luxum, we can get colorful sinks in any homogeneous color, in both high gloss and noble mat. Unique features and affordable price make it more possible for many bathrooms to have unique, luxurious character. Sinks and other sanitary equipment obtained from GFK Luxum are not yellowing, are scratch resistant and retain their perfect aesthetics, even after many years of intensive usage. Sinks made with GFK material can be regenerated, and possible damages can be easily repaired. GFK Luxum is a good and optimal choice. The most common choice for sinks with countertop, double sinks, multi-position sinks, gutter sinks.
  2. STARON® of the SAMSUNG company, excellent quality composite of solid surface type, also called a synthetic stone. Custom-made Staron sinks are characterized by excellent aesthetics and interesting color. Staron countertops are appreciated for outstanding durability and possibilities of choosing the colors. Sinks and countertops from Staron can be regenerated after a long time of usage and restore the original beauty. Modern bathrooms very often use this material.
  3. Corian®* of the DuPont company, a solid surface composite, so far leading the market. Sinks made with Corian impress with their beauty and usage properties. Corian countertops it’s a prestige in a genuine, European style. Thanks to its unique properties, a countertop made with Corian, similarly as this made with Staron, during the manufacturing process can be subjected to a process of 3D bending and forming, so we can get the most creative forms of stone material. Corian sinks and countertops can be subjected to a simple renovation, so that they will always look like new! It is Corian, from which we produce the most unusual sinks for the best Western brands.
  4. Ceramstone of the Luxum company, is a high-quality composite, which looks and is in touch just like ceramics. But in contrast to the ceramics, Ceramstonegives possibility to create exceptional sanitary products, especially sinks and shower trays with crisp, sharp edges and thin rants, also with linear outflows.Ceramstone is the perfect material for extremely durable, but affordable custom-made sinks for hotels and public buildings. Hotel sinks from Luxum, thanks toCeramstone, can be delivered in any size and shape.

Do you already know, how fantastic will your bathroom look with an exclusive and modern custom-made sink?

See a gallery of inspiring proposals of modern sinks, composite countertops, moisture-resistant bathroom cabinets and contact our office to arrange details with a free valuation.

* CORIAN ® – trademark registered by DuPont™ company, was used only for informational purposes.

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