Investment service in repairs, interiors adaptation and bathroom designing and other rooms.

We focus on reliability and cost optimization.


Luxum is currently the market leader in interior design by individual project. Custom-made, modern interiors are our specialty. We have the knowledge, experience and organizational capacity to prepare and carry out even the most complex errand in the field of investment service. We know how much labor, time and effort is needed to put in arrangement, designing or renovating a house, office, bathroom or public space. Self-organizing all the work is time-consuming and burdened with risk of choosing unreliable contractors or defective solutions. Which is consequently extremely costly and problematic. To meet all customer expectations and solve your problems with widely understood interior design, Luxum advise on making a good choice.




Luxum shares with its clients years of experience and excellent knowledge of the market, providing an additional range of diverse services or goods, which will be manufactured and delivered reliably, timely and at a fair, favorable price. To ensure the highest quality of investment service and to guarantee deliveries of the best services and goods, expected by demanding clients, Luxum cooperated with a number of contractors and cooperators, who provide professional services and the highest quality building materials and interior design. We cooperate with architects and interior designers indicated by you, and if you wish to check great architects from our database, we will pass you the contact and provide a rapid valuation of project service and the execution of the project, to as soon as possible realize the concept of bathroom design, office design or other investment and move on to implementation.


All Luxum collaborators and subcontractors are passing a thorough and comprehensive verification and undergo a rigorous control. What is more, they must also meet all industry standards, have proven qualifications and hold good references. Luxum through tough negotiations and inclusion of relevant contracts and agreements, also took care of goods and services, supplied by cooperating subjects, to be reliable and at favorable prices. Lower than those, which will receive individual client, placing himself an order with the supplier. Despite the confidence we have to our specialists and subcontractors, we always supervise their job continuously, so that it would go smoothly and on time. Owing to the Luxum investment service, customers get longer warranties, which significantly increases the comfort of usage, eliminates stress, costs and problems associated with independent warranty rights investigation with performers. Investment service conducted in a well organized manner, focused on a complete fulfillment of customer expectations, brings real benefits and savings.

With Luxum investment service you will save your money and time, you will gain excellent results and full satisfaction of a well-made choice. Luxum will advise in making the most favorable choice in (among others):

– Investment service

– Bathroom design

– Industrial design

– Architecture and interior decoration

– Construction work in the field of interior design

– Bathroom fittings

– Lighting

– Resin floors – floors made from polyurethane and epoxy resin

– Wall panels, tiles and architectural concrete decors (polymer)

– Wall panels made from deeply milled 3D MDF

– Custom-made shower cabins

– Glass building (glass walls, door, panels, countertops)

– Products made from exotic wood – teak

– Upholstered furniture (armchairs, chairs, sofas, corners, commodes upholstered in leather)

– Stainless steel products (railings, fences, gates, decorations)

– Forged steel products – artistic smithery (railings, gates, fences, gratings, furniture, decors)

– Door

– Stairs

– Mirrors

– Stained glass

– Suspended ceilings and “dry plaster” building type

– Parquets

– Installation of furniture and decoration

– Repairs (of tiles, terracotta, stone, plastering, painting, structural plasters, paperhanging)

– Electrical services

– Hydraulic services

– Masonry services

– Locksmith services

– Gardening services

– 3D milling

– Professional painting

– Imposition of hydro-graphics

– Artistic sculptures

– Unusual plant pots

– Decoration

– Cleaning up after repairs

– Various construction services

– Unusual, luxurious interior design

– Transport on delivery trucks

– The construction of energy

– efficient houses in skeletal system

– Steel halls





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