The standard in modern bathroom arrangements are becoming showers mounted to dainty and low tray.



Glass panes of shower walls and door are perfectly matched to the warrants of the shower tray. This solution visually expands the space, and the shower can be a lot easier to keep clean. However, if a shower with a paddling pool to size should fulfil its main task, it needs to have linear outflow. LUXUM offers linear outflows in many variants of design and sizes. Thus, you have the opportunity to choose the best solution for you and arrange space shower in every detail. The dream of a luxurious bathroom and outstanding uniqueness becomes a reality thanks to LUXUM.


Linear outflows are manufactured with high performance composites, resistant to chemicals and hard water. What is very important, linear outflows in shower trays from LUXUM can be placed anywhere. As the first manufacturer in Poland LUXUM manufacture introduced linear outflows as standard, which are formed together with a wading pool at the stage of production.


It is Poland's only solution of seamless linear outflows in shower trays.


These features translate into reliability and 100% tightness of the drainage shower. Not without significance is the fact that due to the applied solutions they really quickly disperse water. Because of it, you do not have to worry about that during bathing water will flood the entire bathroom. Note the large, also double shower trays divided into wet and dry zone.