You do not like bathroom furniture offered by most of the stores? The quality of their performance and durability leaves a lot to be desired? Cabinet under the sink are not fully functional or it form seems to be obsolete? Or maybe you are right thinking that a luxury bathroom requires a perfect fit, excellent materials and creativity?


LUXUM, to custom request designs and produce modern bathroom furniture corresponding to all the needs of demanding users. For example, the cabinet under the sink designed according to your guidelines, will perfectly match the furniture for your bathroom and make it special, unique, luxury space, where even a quick shower will be a sensual experience. Bathroom furniture created by the LUXUM manufacture guarantee the highest quality and attention to detail. Almost unlimited choice of materials and finishing elements allow you to create, among others: cupboards under the sink, bathroom furniture, building the whole bathing room, or requiring 100% water resistance shower area in a well-thought, modern and aesthetic form. Complete the design of your dream bathroom from a LUXUM manufacture together with good quality and style, you will get a free analysis and advice in the field of ergonomics in order to make your modern bathroom beautiful and comfortable. Trust the experts from the modern bathroom, and if you do not have a project, then the following gallery will allow you to draw an inspiration.