A truly exclusive and modern bathroom can not do without a bath. Quick morning or evening shower allows you to keep up with the fast pace of life, but cut off from current affairs. Rest, relaxation and recuperation you will only reach in the perfect bath.


It is the best in your own bath, in your own bathroom. Baths from LUXUM manufacture are designed to please the eye and serve perfect ergonomics, even for decades. Built-in baths, free standing or recessed in the floor, are made individually by hand in constructed forms, and the most luxurious composite materials, provide their excellent aesthetics, nobility to the touch, and heat which is a possibility of obtaining an interesting design and flexibility of shape, size and colour.


Along with other bathroom fittings LUXUM manufacture will fulfil even the most individualized design of your unique bathroom. If you do not know what will be your new bathtub, then select your own style and choose among the wide proposal in the following gallery of modern baths. Visit the LUXUM Creative Interior Gallery personally or send your inquiry with the number of the selected arrangement and provide the approximate size of a bathtub which inspires you. The rest can safely be left to professionals…