Luxum has the knowledge and technological capabilities to meet virtually any, even the most complex implementation in the field of interior design. Solidly we carry out the most beautiful designs of twenty-first century with traditional materials, which are close to nature, so that we can live in harmony with the surrounding nature. For those who want variety, something new, unprecedented, awakening emotions, Luxum is preparing equipment that sets a new trend, using ultra-modern, innovative, being at the top of the genius of engineering composite materials. Thanks to these materials we create a unique design and timeless interior.





See below for more details on selected materials from which with the help of Luxum – you will realize what you want!

Talking about composites and conglomerates to produce exclusive equipment with GFK LUXUM, CRISTALSTONE and solid surface: CORIAN*, HI-MACS, KEEROCK, STARON. An interesting solution is an innovative architectural concrete Luxum in canvas, to decorate the walls, facades, floors, fences and fireplaces.

Meet also the Bathcreate Luxum – architectural concrete thin-film, which creates the amazing washbasins, bathtubs and sinks creations in industrial design.




Invented by DuPont Corian® composite was the first solid surface material on the market. Later on, with the development of materials with extraordinary capabilities, other brands such as Staron, Kerrock, Rausolid, Hi-Macs, Hanex, Montella, AB-Laminati joined. Composite countertops solid surface is a mineral-acrylic plate made of mineral filler and polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA). The Corian material is used in the following sectors: private, commercial and public, including in hotels, shopping malls, airports, ships or in health care. These are solid surfaces, offering extraordinary possibilities for arranging and serving its users for many years.






The solid surface composite can be:

  • cut and cut out
  • carved and processed as wood
  • polished
  • thermoformed
  • combined with other materials


Design capabilities and create using composites are virtually endless. Uniform, having no visible joints solid surface composites are available at Luxum in about 500 colors (according to RAL colors) and can be used to create large architectural objects. Corian, Staron, Rausolid, Kerrock, Hi-Macs combine very well with other materials such as tiles and terracotta, stainless steel, wood, granite and glass. Suitable for both vertical and horizontal surfaces applications.


They allow to create unique furniture, sanitary wares, small architecture and lighting objects. The list of possible applications is constantly increasing and evolving. Similar materials (such as Corian) used in Luxum are Staron, Hi-Macs and Kerrock.






Composite countertops, sanitary wares and products of small architecture of GFK LUXUM are the most exclusive products, with a perfect aesthetics and excellent durability. GFK LUXUM thanks to its unique properties, often exceeding the solid surface, one may realize the dream of a unique, designer interiors characterized by individual character and a sensational performance.

GFK – LUXUM composite comes in several varieties, which differ from each other physico-chemical characteristics and price. Top quality GFK LUXUM, is used in the implementation of custom-made sanitary wares: bathtubs, shower trays, sinks, countertops and bathroom furniture and everywhere where there is contact with drinking water and skin. GFK LUXUM is used in the creation of highest quality sanitary products, custom furniture with fancy forms. With composite GFK LUXUM we obtain products with unusual shapes. It is also an ideal material for the implementation of various architectural projects, large-size decoration and small architecture:

  • sculptures
  • large balls and globes
  • domes, seats
  • playground elements
  • flowerpots
  • spheres
  • lamps with unusual shapes and forms www.luminato.eu
  • and even mini ski jumps


gfk_luxum  is the perfect choice.


kolko-wykrzyknik The material is pleasant, warm to the touch.

kolko-wykrzyknik Easy to clean, does not require special cleaning agents are chemically resistant.

kolko-wykrzyknik It is tough and much lighter than ceramic or cast dolomite.

kolko-wykrzyknik It can be used both indoors and outdoors

kolko-wykrzyknik By customer request, GFK Luxum may contain a polymer additive microban with silver nanoparticles, with strong antibacterial and antifungal properties, for the purpose of sanitary wares for allergists and customers demanding microbiological purity.




CRISTALSTONE LUXUM  (conglomerate)



Developed by specialists, high-quality modern conglomerate.  THE MATERIAL COMBINES THE CHARACTERISTICS OF CERAMICS AND SANITARY COMPOSITES. CRISTALSTONE LUXUM looks and behaves in touch as ceramics, but it is more mechanically durable. Thanks to the properties CRISTALSTONE LUXUM, sinks, bathtubs, shower trays and bathroom countertops could have expressive, modern forms, inaccessible to the ordinary ceramics. It is also important that CRISTALSTONE LUXUM sanitary wares can be matched to an unusual dimension.

Usually out of CRISTALSTONE LUXUM are ordered wash facilities and shower trays, because in the case of "cast marble," which is a conglomerate of Cristalstone, there is required complicated mold, the cost of which is distributed on a number of manufactured copies of sanitary products. Hotel sinks and shower trays made of CRISTALSTONE LUXUM has great aesthetics and high resistance to intensive usage conditions and a very good price for an order of minimum several units of the same product.





CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic) is formed by combining carbon fibers or reinforcement and an epoxy resin which is a binder. The most important feature of any type of carbon composite is its excellent mechanical properties at low weight. Depending on the type of carbon fiber and binder mechanical properties of CFRP changes.

kolko-wykrzyknik The composite has average six times higher tensile strength and an average three times higher modulus of elasticity than steel and the four lower weight (mean characteristic tensile strength of 2.5 GPa, the average modulus of elasticity of 450 GPa, a density of 1.75g ​​/cm3).

kolko-wykrzyknik In addition, carbon fiber has a very high resistance to fatigue. Carbon fibers have a low coefficient of thermal expansion and are characterized by high dimensional stability. Their advantageous mechanical properties do not change even under high temperature.

With carbon fiber usually arise not only COMPOSITE COUNTERTOPS, but also the most MODERN SPACE VEHICLES, AIRCRAFT, RALLY CARS (including F1 cars, Ferrari cars, Lamborghini, etc.), the world's most expensive YACHTS and structures that requires extraordinary mechanical strength while maintaining low weight. Carbon fiber is popularly referred to as "carbon" and is a composite of a very expensive but desirable and highly valued by many customers and world-class designers.Since some time, there are formed from carbon luxury goods such as WATCHES, JEWELRY, FURNITURE, BATHTUBS, SINKS, SHOWER TRAYS, ARCHITECTURAL DECORATIONS. Furniture made of carbon, with visible characteristic of the structure of the composite breaks price records. They are coveted by the world's wealthiest clients.


Ultramodern technologies and experience of Luxum enables to provide sanitary wares, countertops and furniture from carbon and architectural creations of the composite, in a perfect quality. Luxum provides furniture made of carbon on behalf of individual and institutional customers. The most popular are countertops, tables and benches made of different strands of carbon cloth. Institutional clients usually order representational furniture and decors. LUXUM Industrial Branch (www.carbonc14.pl) produces from the carbon tubes, conical tubes, plates, fittings, profiles, covers, cases, car body parts and others.





Aramids – a group of polymers and a kind of fiber-forming polyamides. Their characteristic feature is the presence in their main chains of aromatic moieties. Some aramids contain amide bonds only aromatic groups, while others also contain aliphatic groups. The more in its structure aromatic moieties, the greater its mechanical strength, heat and fire resistance, but also decreases the solubility, which increases the difficulty in processing. It requires a unique experience in its processing.

Kevlar is a material known for its unconventional strength properties. It is desired by connoisseurs of unusual materials. From aramid fibers are produces bulletproof vests, protective layers in clothing for firefighters, pilots, race car drivers and astronauts. In addition, from aramids fibers are produced rods, from which are constructed masts of yachts, ski poles and other items requiring high mechanical resistance. Finally, using these polymers in the form of a thin films – which then ironed among other materials, to form laminates of high mechanical strength and elegant countertops.

Aramid was invented in 1965 by Stephanie Kwolek at DuPont company. Luxum proposes the use of Kevlar in the production of ultra-light and durable architectural forms and specialized furniture. LUXUM INDUSTRIAL DEPARTMENT (www.carbonc14.pl) produces among other things, all kinds of covers, cases, rally cars floor tiles, car body parts and helicopters body parts, details and fittings with unique physical and chemical properties.




HPL – comes from the words high pressure laminates. It is a laminated thermosetting material, formed under high pressure of 7-9 MPa and a temperature of approximately 150 C. It consists of several layers of paper impregnated with a phenolic resin and a decorative paper impregnated with melamine resin. It is possible to cover an additional layer of protection against weather conditions.

HPL laminate show:

  • high impact resistance
  • high temperature resistance
  • bending strength and tearing endurance
  • chemical resistance
  • UV resistance
  • colors durability
  • electrical properties

HPL laminates are successfully used both inside and outside buildings. For the furniture industry most applicable are laminates having a thickness of 0.5 to 1.5 mm. Formed as result of veneering, HPL panels are treated as a hard wood or melamine plate.

kolko-1 application of outside

  • facade panels
  • eaves
  • balcony building

kolko-2 application of inside

  • composite countertops
  • windowsills
  • partitions
  • doors
  • tracks in bowling alleys
  • pool furniture
  • medical furniture and others

All materials marked with the HPL name must be characterized by the respective properties and meet strict technical requirements specified by the PN and EN. Luxum provides the highest quality products with HPL.





The essence of nature, highlighted wood grains from which was made the given veneer, gives furniture a unique character of exclusivity. The quality of the veneer and the ability of its layer are the most important. Natural veneer is a material that requires experienced carpenters.




Veneer are thin sheets of wood obtained by cutting flat (tangential – in a direction perpendicular to the fibers) or peripheral (peeling). These sheets have a thickness from 0.1 mm to 8.0 mm. Veneers are classified according to the application as lining or cladding. Veneer depending on the effectiveness of the drawing (depending on tree species) may be used for plywood, lining (veneering) or laminated pressed wood. For veneer is dedicated round timber with a large diameter.

Preparation of raw material for veneer includes:

  • logs division into adequate length,
  • logs plasticization,

Plasticization is carried out by boiling the raw material in water or steaming with saturated steam. Faster plasticization occurs during the evaporation. It is generally accepted 1.5-2 hours per centimeter of the radius of the log by evaporation and 2-3 hours when boiling. Veneer drying to 15-18% moisture is carried out by roller driers or belt driers. Veneer intended for linings is arranged in packets in order of cutting individual sheets from the chock.

In Luxum we use veneers of Polish and American production with a minimum thickness of 0.55 mm so as to ensure the highest quality and durability of our veneered furniture.





MDF is a wood based material produced by industrial methods. Used in Luxum high quality MDF guarantees reproducible shape and maintenance the bends radius. We use MDF with different densities and elasticity selected to the corresponding bending profiles that guarantees the possibility of deep millings without the risk of delamination or deformation when milling. Luxum specializes in professional securing MDF before absorbing moisture. We lacquer MDF with color with high-quality polyurethane lacquers, acrylic and ceramic. From piano gloss to the mat. Modern, dust-free Luxum paint guarantees excellent lacquer quality.

High-quality MDF at Luxum a basic material for the construction of custom-made furniture, and in the industrial section for acquiring prototypes and models using 5-axis CNC milling. Especially noticeable are products made of bent MDF as well as wall panels made of MDF 3D.





Most innovative architectural concrete on the Polish market, in the form of decorative plates on the walls, facades, floors, fireplaces, fences, small architecture. Luxum architectural concrete in the panels is the first of its kind, genuine, natural concrete containing no harmful fibers. No synthetic fibers in Luxum architectural concrete is the result of the highest quality high-strength concrete and unique, unprecedented in Poland method of production and ripening. The concrete mix and methods of production of Luxum architectural concrete makes the plates relatively lightweight, very durable, pleasant to the touch, easy to treatment, trimming, drilling, with the possibility of quick adhesive mounting. Luxum concrete slabs are available in smooth version, but most often chosen is porous structure, with deep pores (cancers), characteristic of Italian travertine. Luxum architectural concrete occurs in 8 colors and different sizes (as well as large-size panels)



OTHER MATERIALS (most commonly used at Luxum)


To provide comprehensive customer service, and provide order in guaranteed quality, Luxum also provides processing and delivery of components which are used:

  • Stainless steel
  • Architectural concrete
  • Polymer-concrete
  • Ultralight multilayer panels (honeycomb)
  • Forged steel
  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Tempered glass
  • Plastics – Plexiglas, ABS, PVC, HIPS and other
  • Various kinds of plywood
  • Swarovski Crystals
  • and many others…


* CORIAN ® – trademark registered by DuPontTM, was used only for informational purposes.