• polyester-glass composites
  • solid surface composites
  • conglomerates
  • carbon fiber – CARBON
  • aramid fiber – KEVLAR





Luxum offers many years of experience and comprehensive knowledge in the production of plastics – composite and highly advanced, modern technology park.




Luxum is the one and only owner of the approved in the industry brand CARBON C14.


Luxum since 2009 provides with brand Carbon C14 manufacturing services to companies and individual clients. Production halls with a total area of over 3,000 m2 and experienced staff, which strives to improve skills in an organized training system in the country and also abroad; and multi-level quality control – ensures reliable and timely execution of assigned tasks of production.


The company specializes in the processing of refined polyester-glass composites (GRP), carbon fiber (Carbon), aramid fiber (Kevlar), solid surface – acrylic-mineral composites (Corian, Staron, Montelli, Tustone, Kerrock, Hi-Macs, Hanex, etc.), Cristalstone dolomite-quartz conglomerates.


kolko-wykrzyknikLuxum also provides services of milling models and model form on CNC 2D and 3D. The machinery is equipped with 5-axial milling machine with the working pole of 800×450 x150cm. Objects can be milled several times larger than the working area due to the ability to combine milling details. A characteristic feature of the milling services are bulky, complex and demanding precision details. Milling in MDF and foams as well as in modeling materials.




Over the years the company under the brands of Luxum, Carbon C14, Luminato, Bardano developed solutions enabling in a relatively short period of time to carry out projects from prototype to deployment into production. The advantage is also the possibility of receiving the final products in one copy.


For companies, institutions and individuals we not only provide broad interior design and small architecture but also:


  • composite elements
  • fittings
  • multi-layer PS (GRP) composite panels, carbon fiber plates, Kevlar plates with different kinds of spacers
  • glass laminate plates made with carbon fiber, Kevlar and mixtures
  • car bodies and components for all kinds of vehicles
  • casings for all sorts of devices, including medical devices
  • mocks
  • machine guards
  • machine parts
  • balls and globes
  • unusual architectural forms
  • prototypes
  • forms and model-forms for production of composites and architectural concrete


Machinery park is not only equipped with advanced CNC machine tools, but also with:


  • 2 closed painting chambers, 45m2 chamber with 400x300cm door
  • 8m3 autoclave
  • large modern saws
  • 500x300cm hydraulic press
  • stove and forming machine to sold surface processing
  • 600x350cm infusion table
  • laser meters, test stands
  • welders, mixers, compressors, fume hoods
  • 5 t. crane, forklifts
  • many other tools and equipment of high quality.


Take advantage of the opportunities that have been created in the field of industrial design. The most valuable ideas are born spontaneously. You do not need to have appropriate facilities in engineering, research and production. You have an idea and the rest will be done by a team of experienced industrial designers under the direction of mgr. inż. arch. Dominik Chojnacki. Acclaimed designer, repeatedly awarded by Polish and foreign institutions. He designed and designs not only for Luxum, also for Philips, Bosch, Zelmer, Soundflo, Melex, Newag, Bombardier, Remar, Kofama S.A. and many others, for which an important aspect is the outstanding design combined with functionality, performance norms and safety. With us you can build not only a part of, the base or the final product, but also to obtain audit of design and build a coherent design strategy, which in conjunction with a good product will ensure commercial success.


Luxum presents care about the economic sense of your investment. Designers and technologists of the company, at the stage of consulting propose the best solutions so that the final product is competitive on the market in every aspect.




Luxum also has extensive experience in working on projects co-financed by the European Union. We worked on projects with a total value of several million dollars.


We cooperate with leading institutes, research centres and universities.









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