Custom-made shower trays – individualism in the bathroom



No matter how different tastes of each one of us can be, one thing is common – the desire of individuality and elegance also in the bathroom. Dreams of the best solutions in the bathroom fulfill shower trays, shower surfaces and pool-bathtubs made in Luxum.

Custom-made shower trays is the best solution in every bathroom. Shower cabin doesn’t have to be limited by the dimensions of the shower tray. Their arbitrary shapes, sizes and colors, give a full freedom of arrangement.




Shower surfaces and custom-made shower trays made in Luxum, perfectly fit into the space of each exclusive bathroom, regardless of its size or technical conditions. Luxum will deliver directly to your bathroom a shower tray, in any, even the most unusual size. Also large-size and complex multi-position shower trays. Luxum offer solves problems with aesthetics, hygiene and leaks in shower trays made with tiles, undersized cavities, inequalities of walls or working wood floors in climatic attics, houses and tenement houses. Shower trays and shower surfaces Luxum produces with the highest possible accuracy with modern composite materials.


At client’s request Luxum supplements the offer with teak decks, linear outflows, pearl decors, stainless steel or Swarovski crystals. Owing to Luxum technology and the ability to use different types of composites, delivered custom-made shower trays surpass in terms of their features ordinary acrylic shower trays, marble and steel enamel shower trays. It guarantees a trouble-free operation for the all the period of usage, even where the use of shower tray seemed impossible.

An interesting proposal are pool-bathtubs, which are at the same time a full functional shower tray and full-size bathtub. Pool-bathtubs perfectly solve eternal problem in small bathrooms – “bathtub or shower cabin”. Thanks to the Luxum offer, everyone can enjoy a comfortable relaxation in the bathtub and use a refreshing shower – without any compromise!


Advantages of shower trays and shower surfaces to order, made with modern composites:






  • BUILDING WITHOUT THRESHOLDS – easy and safe entry into the shower is a great solution for all users of the bathroom.


  • THE SENSE OF SPACE – with the possibility of obtaining any height of the shower tray, you can get a smooth transition from the floor to the surface of the shower. The choice of high borders, gives extra functional space. Take advantage of free choice and gain a sense of freedom in your bathroom.


  • COMFORT – in contrast to the shower trays made with enameled steel, marble or tiles – Luxum composite trays, take the temperature of its environment, so they are warm to the touch. Pleasant, natural warmth provides much greater comfort of usage. What is more, noble composites perfectly suppress the noise of falling water. Composite shower trays do not have the feeling of a plasticness, as in the case of acrylic shower trays.


  • ADAPTATIONhe freedom to choose the shape, size and any color, gives a possibility of countless creations of the place reserved for a bath in the bathroom.


  • DESIGN – Luxum gives unlimited possibilities of design, which allows everyone to find a solution, which comply with his taste and needs.


  • ECOLOGY – composite shower trays are a 100% recyclable.


  • HYGIENE – in contrast to tiles surfaces, with their difficult to obtain fugues, the composite is extremely easy to keep clean. Unlike steel, enameled or marble products, sanitary equipment made with composites, at client’s request can have safe and durable antibacterial and antifungal properties, achieved through the use in the production of the composite a nanotechnology based on silver ions. www.microban.com


  • THE BEST MATERIALS –  composite shower trays and shower surfaces are made with material with extraordinary aesthetic and usable features, and exceptional resistance to difficult conditions of usage.


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