For the construction of sinks and bathroom countertops, designed for the intensive use, and at the same time having to rivet your attention to an interesting design and elegance, are allocated proven and robust composite materials.


Based on the experience of such a great composites as DuPont Corian or Staron created by Samsung, which we still continues to use, LUXUM developed new composite materials – GFK LUXUM and Cristalstone. These refined composites were originally designed only for use in bathrooms. We know that they must be:

  • extremely durable
  • lightweight
  • aesthetic
  • by produced in many colours
  • be hygienic
  • pleasant to the touch
  • take the ambient temperature
  • be resistant to yellowing and chemicals
  • comply with all standards, and moreover – they must be multi sinks and sanitation which is beautiful, modern and elegant.


The production of sinks for public bathrooms is followed by the idea monolithism.